Resource Release - Collection of CS Education Articles

August 02, 2017

The LTEC team is pleased to announce the release of our first public resource: a collection of CS education articles from scholarly and popular publications.

You can find the collection of articles on our Resources page. Articles are listed in alphabetical order by author. Click the “View Summary” link for any article to view a summary of the purpose, findings, and recommendations included in the article. When applicable, the summary page will also include information about the research methodology used in the article, including the sample size and characteristics.

Our primary purpose for creating this collection was to mine these articles for learning goals to use in the creation of our literature-based trajectories, which we plan to release in the coming weeks. However, we conducted our review in a manner that would also result in the creation of this resource for the CS education community. Additional articles will be added periodically.

We hope you find this collection useful. Please feel free to provide feedback in the comments about how we could improve it.