LTEC Staff Profile: John Hampton

Name: John Hampton

LTEC Role: Doctoral student (3rd) year in Educational Technology @ the University of Florida; graduate assistant.

Professional Background: I taught high school English for 10 years, from remedial reading to college-level literature and linguistics. I also taught photojournalism for several years and was in charge of the yearbook program.

Why is LTEC my jam? As an ex-teacher, I love seeing how multiple, disparate subjects can be taught together for the benefit of students and teachers. In my own English classroom, I enjoyed combining art, cinema, history, and other mixed media into my curriculum. LTEC — with its goal of combining math and CT skills — also fits with one of my research interests on how students identity is constructed through their schooling.

My work: On the LTEC, CTRL, and TACTIC teams, I primarily help to develop teacher and student lessons for math and CT integration. I also help with the creative processes of movie-making and graphic design.

What I do with my spare time: I have a wife and two teenage children (14 and 17). I also have a small fur baby named Penny.

My fur baby, Penny

I enjoy reading fantasy novels, pondering the complex mysteries of the universe, and playing competitive tennis a few days a week.

Me winding up for a tennis serve

Fun facts

  • I am currently working on my 3rd degree from UF (BA in ’06 and M.Ed. in ’07)
  • I am a professional photographer
  • I met George Bush Sr. on a plane in the late 90s, while he was on his way to skydive in Las Vegas, NV

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