LTEC Staff Profile: Feiya Luo


Feiya Luo


Doctoral Research Assistant @ the University of Florida.

Professional Background

I am currently a 4th-year doctoral candidate in Educational Technology at the University of Florida. I received my master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey in California. I also completed a certificate program in computer programming at Mission College, Santa Clara. A teacher (with many years of experience in K-12 and undergraduate classrooms both in the U.S. and China), translator and interpreter, and website developer, I have gained from various roles experience that has empowered me to pursue my interests in educational technology. Prior to joining LTEC, I built an educational technology that aimed to support children’s interests in botany as well as to provide college students with a hub for information and learning activities in botany. I also ran a research study that involved elementary students in computational thinking-integrated botany using robotics. My current research interests are computational thinking assessment and understanding students’ CT/CS learning progression K-8.

Why is LTEC my jam?

LTEC gives me a great opportunity to work with wonderful researchers, practitioners, and educators around the country on important projects that are moving the field of CS education forward.

My work

Since coming on board, I have been involved in designing and developing elementary CS curriculum and CT assessment, piloting CT lessons at an elementary school, and providing professional development support to CS teachers, etc. I have also come to love writing blog posts on K-8 CS as a way to connect research to practice.

What I do with my spare time

I love trying out new Boba tea shops and restaurants with my PhD crew. I am also “addicted” to one and only one kind of board game, the “Werewolves” (similar to but more complex than “Avalon”). A Florida resident, I try to take advantage of the beautiful waters and shorelines. I am a huge fan of standup paddleboarding and kayaking. My favorite vacation destination is St. Pete Beach, FL.

Fun facts

  • My PhD crew knows that I love traveling. During the past three years, I have twice visited D.C., Toronto, Key West, Taiwan, and Puerto Rico, and have also set foot in Savannah, Charleston, Seoul (South Korea), and Nassau (the Bahamas)

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