LTEC Staff Profile: Wei Yan


Wei Yan


Graduate Research Assistant @ the University of Florida.

Professional Background

A 2nd-year Ph.D. student in Educational Technology at the University of Florida; I got my BA in Elementary Education (Mathematics and Science) from China and MA in curriculum and instruction (Elementary Education) from UF. My research interest is integrating technology into the elementary curriculum, especially in math and science.

Why is LTEC my jam?

When students are engaged in the CT integration curriculum, their focus and achievements make me feel excited. As a former teacher, I am so glad the LTEC project involves students in a fun learning process. As an educator, I believe LTEC can benefit our kids’ math skills and computational thinking. The lessons and activities created by LTEC also develop these kids’ essential ability to be qualified digital-citizens.

My work

Integrating Computational Thinking (CT) into elementary math lesson; CT lessons teaching; Using Collaborative Computing Observation Instrument (C-COI) to analyze video screen capture data, and analyzing CT assessment data.

What I do with my spare time

I spend most of my spare time in the gym, playing Chinese board games, and looking for delicious food.

Fun facts

  • I come from China. My home town is Suqian in Jiangsu Province, near Shanghai. I love my hometown which has four seasons and delicious foods.
  • I have two cats, Five and Louise. Five is four years old now, and Louise is two years old.
  • I got my yoga teacher certification in Florida.

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