LTEC Staff Profile: Ruohan Liu


Ruohan Liu


Doctoral student (3rd year) in Educational Technology @ the University of Florida; graduate research assistant.

Professional Background

I have a B.A in English education, I’m a certified English teacher in China. I had an M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction with a specialization in ESOL & Bilingual Education. I taught ESL for a year and a half to students in grade 9-10.

Why is LTEC my jam?

Working with LTEC gives me great experience in learning new things and collaborating with people of different expertise, it helps me a lot in building up skills in communication, time management, project management, etc. LETC brings me the opportunity to work with and learn from the most supportive mentor and a group of the most excellent colleagues.

My work

I help with CT curriculum review and improvement, data collection and analysis, and make instructional videos on programming concepts. I also facilitate study implementation in local schools.

What I do with my spare time

I love making different kinds of drinks (coffee, black/green milk tea, smoothies, Matcha drinks, etc.) for my family and friends. I also like baking, and cooking chinese food. My favourite way of spending spare time is lying in my papasan chair and enjoying a good movie :)

Fun facts

  • I was once bitten by a cat because I was accidentally stepping on her tail.
  • It took me several years learning how to ride a bicycle.
  • I crashed into a bush on the way to the road driving test, of course I didn’t get passed that time, LOL.

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