LTEC Staff Profile: Megan Deiger


Megan Deiger


Member of external evaluation team.

Professional Background

I have a PhD in Applied Social Psychology from Loyola University Chicago, and I’ve been working in the field of education research, evaluation, and policy analysis since 2001. My work has centered on STEM education, with an emphasis on qualitative methods of data collection (interviews and focus groups) and analysis. In the past five years, in my role as Assistant Research Professor at the Center for Science and Math Education, I have begun working with teams and partnerships in their work to collaborate across institutions and disciplines. Currently, my own professional development focus has been on gaining knowledge and practice in employing methods of Design Based Implementation Research and Improvement Science.

Why is LTEC my jam?

Team building and facilitation of collaborative processes have become real passions of mine and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the LTEC team as they fine-tune their multi-institution collaborative project. I relish the opportunity to serve as a sounding board and thought partner for this group, as I believe deeply in the mission of the project.

My work

Our evaluation work for LTEC primarily involves helping the team build and maintain strong collaborative processes as it works toward project goals. To this end, I have conducted one-on-one interviews, collected survey data, facilitated team sessions, and regularly attended full team and sub-committee meetings. Data and findings from evaluation activities are regularly fed back to the team to facilitate reflection and planning.

What I do with my spare time

When I’m not chasing my pre-schooler around, I write and perform music with my husband in our duo River Rising. I also love cooking…and eating! Exploring the riches of the Chicago food scene is a never-ending joy to me. I also enjoying writing, hiking, and games.

Fun facts

  • I wrote and performed a musical at the 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival
  • As a tween, I was a national champion baton twirler
  • Nothing makes me happier than sleeping for 9 straight hours (which NEVER happens)

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